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2018 Innovation Showcase Presentations


Action Lab

Evaluating the Efficacy of Online Undergraduate Programs: A Comparison of ASU Student Success Outcomes by Modality
Philip Arcuria, William Morgan, Thomas Fikes

Exploring Learning Analytics: Using Course Design Features and Student LMS Behaviors to Predict Course Success.
William Morgan, Philip Arcuria, Thomas Fikes

Heterogeneous Effects of Adaptive Math Tutoring
René Kizilcek, Thomas Fikes

Exploring Non-Cognitive Reasons Behind Success After Failure
Elle Yuan Wang, Jim Cunningham, Philip Arcuria

Using First-day Activity to Predict Completion in an Open-Scale Mathematics Course
Jim Cunningham

Contextualizing Open-Scale Courses: Access, Equity, and Completion
Michael Meaney

In Search of “Committed Learners”: Identifying and Tracking Learners In Open Scale Online Courses
Patrick Pettyjohn, René Kizilcec, Jim Cunningham, Thomas Fikes

The Learning Analytics Hub
Mehul Shah, Sammie Govindasamy, Lou Pugliese

The EdPlus Action Lab: Overview   
Thomas Fikes, Lou Pugliese

ASU Library

Learning with Distinctive Materials: Latino Archives
Nancy Godoy

Connecting with First-Year Students: Teaching Beyond Hard Skills by Managing Student Stress and Well-being
Ashley Gohr

ASU Library Research and Publication Services: Partners in Research
Matthew Harp, Anali Perry

PICO: A Health Sciences-Focused Online Tutorial
Janice Hermer, Kevin Pardon

ASU Library Tutorials and Learning Resources: Tools to Support Your Research and Teaching Needs
Deirdre Kirmis, Bee Gallegos, Lisa Kammerlocker, Dennis Isbell

The Federalist Papers and More: ASU Library Partnership with SCETL to Promote America's Political Roots   
Katherine Krzys

Upward Bound Collaboration
Rachel Leket Mor, Norma Owens

Expand the Reach of Public Events: Partnering with Labriola Center   
Joyce Martin

Redesigning Hayden Library for the 21st Century and Beyond
Lorrie McAllister, Tomalee Doan

ASU Sheet Music Collection
Christopher Mehrens

ASU Library Mkrspace: We Built it and They Came!
Risa Robinson, Victor Surovec

Libraries as Community Hubs for Citizen Science
Dan Stanton, Risa Robinson

Maps and GIS at ASU: Creating New Scholarly Journeys with ASU Library Geospatial Resources 
Matt Toro

Center for the Art and Science of Teaching

iTeachAZ Community Embeddedness Project
Lori Ellingford, Erin Bryan

Putting the Art and Science of Teaching into Practice In-and Out-of-School
Jeffrey Holmes

Integrating STEM Literacy and Language to Prepare All Teachers to Teach ELL: iTeachELLS
Malissa Thibault, Stephanie Lund, and Anne Smith

Center for Education Through eXploration

Into the Cell, a Virtual Reality Experience
Ariel Anbar, Don Bratton

Evidence for Improved Learning Outcomes in Computer-Based Science Courses Employing Education Through Exploration Theory
Ariel Anbar, Chris Mead, Lev Horodyskyj, Dror Ben-Naim, Don Bratton, Jacqui Hayes, David Schonstein

Interactive Demonstration of Education Through Exploration Digital Learning Experiences
The ETX Center

Center for Games and Impact

Unlock Your Potential
Sasha Barab, Kathryn Dutchin, Anna Arici

Center for Innovation in Informal STEM Learning

The Future is for Everyone: Engaging Public Audiences in Learning About Current STEM Research
Rae Ostman, Jeannie Colton, Paul Martin

Center for Science and the Imagination

Bob Beard

Center for Science and the Imagination Education Overview
Joey Eschrich

Emerge 2018   
Ed Finn, Phil Weaver-Stoesz

Transmedia Research
Peter Nagy, Ruth Wylie

Educational Technology Campaign 
Ruth Wylie, Ed Finn

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Humanities

Interdisciplinary Futures: The Undergraduate Certificate in Health Humanities at ASU
Cora Fox

Humanities Lab   
Sally Kitch, Monica Boyd

Access is Everything: Using Online Learning Environments to Facilitate University-Community Partnerships
Penelope Moon, Eric Nystrom, Kristine Navarro McElhaney

Enmei (Long Life): A Dance and Aging Project
Mary Fitzgerald, Eileen Standley, Rose Weitz

HASTAC & Nexus: Opportunities for Multi-Modal Research, Learning, and Networking
Jacqueline Wernimont, Elizabeth Grumbach


Institute for the Science of Teaching and Learning

ASU Advanced Distributed Learning Partnership Lab

An Advanced Distributed Learning Framework for Live, Constructive, Virtual (LCV) Training for UAV Piloting and Cyber Security
Nancy Cooke, Scotty Craig

College Research and Evaluation Team

CREST:  Evaluation Services to Meet Grant Needs
Wendy Barnard, Megan O’Donnell, Mary White

Designing Equitable Learning, Teaching, and Assessments Lab

Computer Science for Arizona: K12 CS Standards, Policies, and PD
Brian Nelson

Early Career Scholars of Teaching and Learning

The Effects of Peer Coaching on Online Student Learning Outcomes
Mai P. Trinh

Using Concerto for Experimental Research on Computerized Adaptive Testing
Yi Zheng

Learning and Cognition Lab

Fostering Collaboration in Engineering Classrooms
Joshua Adams, Michelene Chi

Dialogue vs. Monologue Videos in Engineering Classrooms
Michael R. Caplan, Michelene Chi

Using Monologue-and Dialogue-Videos in an Authentic  Flipped College-Level Biology Course: A 2-Year Study
Lu Ding, Michelene Chi

Emergence Thinking for Understanding Science
Polly Lai, Michelene Chi

Developing and Revising Instructional Activities to Optimize Cognitive Engagement
Joshua A. Morris, Michelene Chi

Science of Learning and Educational Technology Lab

Amy Johnson, Katie McCarthy, Micah Watanabe, Danielle McNamara

Writing Pal
Kris Kopp, Renu Balyan, Cecile Perret, Danielle McNamara


Individual Presenters

College of Health Solutions

Student's Perceptions of Digital Credentials and Portfolios  
Yuna Buhrman, CR Macchi, Cara Sidman, Lucy Wolsky

BMI 201- Making Health Informatics Accessible to Undergraduate Students
Hansa Magee, Anita Murcko

Teaching Active and Veteran Military Students:  Online and Face to Face Strategies
Shawn Marie Hrncir 

Applied Projects in Health Education and Health Promotion: A New Approach to Applied Learning for Online Undergraduate Students
Jordan Miller

College of Integrative Sciences and Arts

Writing in Statistics and Economics Mass Lectures: Targeting Pain Points with Structured Writing-to-Learn   
Tatiana Batova, Stefan Ruediger

Beyond the Balance Sheet: Integrating Multiple Capitals into Management Education  
Elizabeth Castillo

Stranger Things in Online Teaching: Engaging Students' Creativity with "Leaders in Film"
Stephen P. Davis

Write On, Downtown: Building Bridges between University and Community
Rosemarie Dombrowski

Superstition Review
Patricia Murphy

Student Excuses: To Deceive or Inform-Methodology   
Brent Scholar, Christopher Mark Wessinger

Young Authors' Studio: Blending Teaching, Research, and Service in a Free Writing Program for Kids in Grades 5-12 
Wendy R. Williams

3D Virtual Environments for Language Learning: En La Clínica and En El Supermercado   
Peter Lafford, Andrés Jiménez-Rodríguez

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

STEM and VR: “Munch a Mimic” – The Natural Selection VR Game
Mina C. Johnson-Glenberg

Nation-Building Simulation, Energy Policy Exercise for Multiple Regime Structures
Tara M. Lennon, Lev Horodyskyj

The Role of Electronic Portfolios in Writing Programs Courses: Reflection as a Means of Creating Learning Outcomes
Adelheid Thieme, Shirley Rose

College of Nursing and Health Innovation

Using a Podcast to Reach Your Audience  
Steven R. Crawford, Jinnette Senecal, Celia Coochwytewa, Aaron Kraft, Ricardo Leon

College of Public Service and Community Solutions

Online Service-learning - Community Works 
Bailey Borman


Designing for Student Success: Adaptive and Active Learning in Large-Enrollment Economics Courses   
Joana Girante, Stefan Ruediger, Dale Johnson, Laura DePue, Peter van Leusen

Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

Experimental Typography:  Poetics — Play — Perception
Danielle Foushee

The Image of Rome: Online Experiences of a City   
Elena Rocchi

Prototyping Learning as a Participatory Collaboration between Graduate Students in Interior Architecture and Youth in the Community: a Design-Build Experiment
Milagros Zingoni 

University College

Mentoring New Faculty Members: It's a Cycle!
Allison Atkins, Shannon Lank

Using Cultural Competency Self-Awareness to Create an Inclusive Classroom 
Corinne Corte, Amanda Voigt

Faculty Training and Development - A Demonstrated Successful Faculty Training Model 
Dena Messer-Herrera, Alicia Hayden

Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development

ASU Research Computing – Providing High-Performance Supercomputing Capability to Faculty  
Sean Dudley, Brandon Mikkelsen, Gil Speyer, Barnaby Wasson

Office of University Provost

Explore Field Biology with Ask A Biologist 360 VR Tours
Charles Kazilek

University Technology Office

ASU Digital Portfolios -The Exploration of the Art of Reflection and Tracking Time to Degree   
Christopher Sheehan, Shannon Lujan