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Graphic Design

Graphic design services are offered within ISTL to help teaching and learning researchers present their work effectively through well-designed visual communication. These services include (but are not limited to):

  • Website design
  • Research report layout and design
  • Logo design
  • Misc. graphics for research projects
  • Posters
  • Web banners
  • Illustrations
  • Infographics
  • Charts

Instructional Design

The services of an Instructional Designer (ID) are available to support ongoing projects at ISTL. When a subject matter expert brainstorms with an ID it often results in new ideas about the way instruction will be presented. Consideration of the online, face-to-face, hybrid and flipped classroom environments determine the best delivery methods to inspire student engagement and focused learning. IDs also remain current on the latest emerging technologies as they pertain to teaching and learning. The institute’s instructional design service supports instructors who want to leverage resources to enhance students’ learning experience.