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The Institute for the Science of Teaching & Learning offers support to ISTL staff, faculty, and collaborators in the following areas to further the advancement of research in teaching and learning:

High quality research and meeting space
Interested in reserving a conference room? To facilitate collaboration, the Institute for the Science of Teaching and Learning offers meeting space for planning sessions, conference calls, workshops, and conferences (up to 48 participants) in conference rooms on the first floors of Payne Hall east and west on the Tempe campus.
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Conference Rooms
Collaboration Room

132 Payne West – our conference space in the west wing, seats 10 people around a boardroom conference table with computer connections and 55” monitor, huddleboards, video conference system, conference phone.
Discovery Room

103 Payne East – seats 10 people around a boardroom conference table with computer connections and 45” monitor, portable whiteboard and conference phone available.
Innovations Room

107 Payne East – seats 14 people around a boardroom conference table with computer connections and 55” monitor, portable whiteboard and conference phone available. Seating for an additional 6 to 8 people possible.
Results Room

129 Payne West – our largest conference space, seats 48 people at workshop-style tables (including eight at four high tops in back of room). Equipped with ceiling mounted projector, 72” monitor, sound system, portable whiteboard and counter area for catering service.
Discussions Room

101P Payne Hall East – seats 12 people with computer/laptop connections, projector and screen, whiteboards, and conference phone available.
Graphic and Instructional Design
Graphic Design
Graphic design services are offered within ISTL to help teaching and learning researchers present their work effectively through well-designed visual communication. These services include (but are not limited to):
  • Website design
  • Research report layout and design
  • Logo design
  • Graphics for research projects
  • Posters
  • Web banners
  • Illustrations
  • Infographics
  • Charts
Instructional Design
An Instructional Designer (ID) is available to support ongoing projects at ISTL. ISTL’s ID works to help create high quality online user experience and engaging face-to-face exchanges that are so important for learning.
Support for grant application and management
The College of Research and Evaluation Services Team (CREST) provides support in making data-informed decisions that provide accountability and contribute to program planning, development, and improvement. CREST utilizes a collaborative approach when implementing the research and evaluation processes for all of the clients served, including higher education, school districts, and human service organizations in the Arizona community.

The ISTL staff also provide sponsored account management including, but not limited to, research-related human resources, purchasing, travel, account reconciliation, preparing monthly account statements for faculty, forecasting budget estimates for faculty and resolving accounting issues. Our business operations specialist analyzes award documents, clauses, and applicable regulations. Advice to principal investigators is also provided with respect to applicable regulations and award provisions.

This service is provided to active research partners. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming an ISTL collaborator.
More about CREST
Deskside support and consultation
Deskside support and consultation are available for faculty and staff of The Institute for the Science of Teaching & Learning. These services include:
  • Support for ISTL faculty and staff computers and other areas as needed and/or collaborate on solutions;
  • Support for desktop systems, laptops, printers, infrastructure, and end-users;
  • Install, configure, maintain, troubleshoot, and secure new and existing Windows and Mac desktop and laptop computer systems;
  • Consultation one-on-one, and training as needed;
  • Assist with email, computer security, virus removal, access to services, connectivity, backup/recovery, computer accounts (ASURITE ids and services), password issues, and related needs;
  • Configure, support, and troubleshoot email clients accessing ASU Exchange server;
  • Assist with setup & configuration of shared calendars, public folders, distribution lists, and shared email addresses;
  • Software installation, configuration, troubleshooting and support for standard suite of applications;
  • Assist with installation and configuration of non-standard specialized software;
  • Active Directory OU administration including computer accounts, security groups, group policies and scripts;
  • Establish directory structure and assign appropriate permissions of UTO CIFS for individual and shared network storage purposes, assist with backup and recovery;
  • Assist with mobile devices including setup, synchronization and troubleshooting;
  • Hardware support, troubleshooting and assistance with warranty service, work with vendor to resolve technical problems and issues;
  • Review and recommend PC, MAC, and other computing hardware based on ASU standards to ensure compatibility with current software applications and systems, obtaining quotes from vendors as requested;
  • Create, maintain inventory/documentation regarding hardware and software, including hardware configuration, software and user information;
  • Encourage and promote the use of appropriate technology tools to improve academic and business processes;
  • Assist with video-conferencing equipment and execution of calls;
  • Assist with trouble shooting in technology enabled conference rooms.