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Exciting Hands-on Demos of Virtual Reality-04--26-18

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Exciting Hands-on Demos of Virtual Reality

Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Future of Education: Virtual and Augmented Realities (FEVAR) group held a final spring event, which included some exciting hands-on demos. The event, on April 26th, was curated and introduced by the Chair of FEVAR, Dr. Mina Johnson-Glenberg. The event began with a presentation by Dr. Ian Douglas on the history and future of VR/AR in education, which highlighted lessons learned from decades of work in simulation-based learning and referenced learning science theory.  This was followed by a reception where members gathered to experience immersive VR experiences created by group members. These ranged from an NSF-funded education game that interactively teaches evolution to a tour of a concentration camp conducted by a virtual representation of a survivor of the camp. 

The presentations included a range of current technologies: 

  • VIVE, Oculus GO - Shoah, Dennis Bonilla, CTO, Variable Labs
  • Oculus Touch - Munch a Mimic Natural Selection, Mina C. Johnson-Glenberg, Department of Psychology, ASU and President of ASU spinout company embodied games.
  • VIVE - Into the Cell, Ariel Anbar, A. Joseph Tamer, Center for Education Through eXploration, School of Earth and Space Exploration, ASU.  
  • Day Dream Labster - Experience in a Wet Lab, Philippos Savvides, EdPlus.

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