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2018 Research

Research Services

CREST Meeting

College Research and Evaluation Services Team (CREST)

CREST is the evaluation and data services unit of the Institute for the Science of Teaching and Learning. Their mission is to provide an array of services that support quality research development and program improvement across multiple-disciplines and partnering organizations at the local and state level.


Research Labs

ASU-ADL Partnership Lab

The ASU Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative Partnership Lab’s primary focus will be on exploratory learning environments which are more task than content oriented; moving towards a new paradigm for learning that is lifelong and can be integrated with everything we do.

AZDELTA Museum Visit

Designing Equitable Learning, Teaching, and Assessments Lab

The DELTA lab investigates design approaches for creating immersive, computer-based environments that can best support more equitable learning of STEM content and processes both in and out of school. In particular, they explore the impact of virtual worlds, educational video games, and mobile apps as platforms for situated learning and assessment.


Learning and Cognition Lab

The Learning and Cognition Lab (LCL) adopts a cognitive approach to explore various aspects related to how students of all ages learn and why some concepts are more difficult to learn than others. 

Science of Learning and Educational Technology Lab

The SoLET lab conducts research to better understand cognition and learning, with a particular focus on reading comprehension and writing processes. They focus on discovering new methods to improve students’ ability to understand challenging text, learn new information, and convey their thoughts and ideas in writing. 

Research Initiatives

Early Career Scholars of Teaching and Learning

This initiative brings together assistant professors from across Arizona State University who have a common interest in the scholarship of teaching and learning. The initiative connects participants with new opportunities, shares knowledge across ASU units and serves to create transdisciplinary partnerships in research.

Future of Education: Virtual and Augmented Realities Special Interest Group (FEVAR SIG)

This special interest group brings together people from across Arizona State University who have a common interest in the potential for enhancing education and training through Virtual and Augmented Reality.