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At ASU we engage with big ideas and important problems in the world. In the history of teaching and learning there has often been a disconnect between research and practice. In addition to doing research and supporting the research of others, we are committed to studying best practices for converting research into action and to informing practitioners.



Instructors are constantly having new ideas on how to improve their teaching. We can provide guidance on what research evidence says about what works. We have a team of educational evaluation experts who can determine the right methods to test new ideas and convert instructor innovations into meaningful research.


We seek to connect researchers, students and practitioners from across the university and beyond. Teaching and Learning research and innovation effects every discipline. New innovations can arise from any source. We support projects that require the expertise of more than one discipline and seek to transmit knowledge widely.

Supporting Research

To improve teaching and learning everywhere it takes place ISTL supports high-quality use-inspired research in teaching and learning throughout ASU. We seek to improve instructional models to ensure learners succeed and reach their full potential. Read more